Our Growers Are the Rock Stars in Our Winery

People don’t understand how challenging it is to farm grapes. Growers work hard and many struggle to make a living. There is little glory in it. Winemakers get all the awards and ego-stroking, but it’s the growers who should be recognized. We know. We’ve been farming in the south Okanagan since the early ’50’s.

Not only do we have a deep respect for the land and those who make a living from it, but over many decades we’ve gained an intimate knowledge of where each grape varietal is best necessary. As such, terroir alone determines where we get our fruit. Our hard-working, skilled growers are like family, and we’re proud of the long-standing relationships we have.

“Terroir alone determines where we get our fruit.”

Our Growers & Their Vineyards

Gary & Allison Jackle - Cabana Beach Vineyards, Osoyoos, BC

Dean & Liz Marchand - Lazy Dog Vineyard, Penticton, BC

Kahar & Sharanjit Khaira - Stumpy’s Vineyard, Oliver, BC

Joey & Sonia DeKleva - DeKleva Vineyard, Oliver, BC

Irene Garnet - Garnet Vineyard, Naramata Bench, BC

HB Family - HB Vineyard, Penticton, BC

Ben Amos - Blenheim Hill Vineyard, Naramata Bench, BC

H. Brar & Family - Upper Bench Road, Penticton, BC

Luke & Kruna Thompson - St. Rocce Vineyard, Okanagan Falls, BC

Richard & Twylla da Silva - Hidden Hollow Farm, Penticton, BC

N. Sidhu & Family - 3 Winds Vineyard, Keremeos, BC